Empowering Innovation


It is common for an idea to be at least partially tangible requiring manufacture. Of course ideas such as websites don’t possess a tangible property and their manufacturing process is different. This section deals mainly with physical manufacturing and prototyping etc.

If your idea is something which requires manufacture, there are different options relating to how, when and where to manufacture your product.


At a relatively early stage in the development of your idea, you will need to build a prototype of your product. Usually many prototypes are required to settle upon a finalised design. Prototypes can also be used to evaluate different aspects of your idea.

Many people develop their own prototypes from materials available and using their own skills. For items which require plastic moulding and similar, there are rapid prototype services which can be used to quickly and cheaply build small amounts of a product from plastic. These services are available in New Zealand.

For materials such as silicone, rubber etc there are also options for forming your own small scale moulds at home to prototype these parts. Contact us to discuss this further.


For any serious manufacturing process, detailed design drawings are required. These drawings are developed using various Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs, of which many are commercially available. The skills required to accurately model a 3D product on a computer screen are highly specialised and performed by mechanical draftsmen. Draftsmen can be hired on a contract basis to develop diagrams, and providing them with quality information is key to minimising cost.