Empowering Innovation

Business Consulting and Strategy

Ready to hit the market with your idea? At Propel, we can offer you small business advice and strategy to help you create a business plan and raise finance to get things off the ground.

Investment Review

Talk to us about preparing your business for investment, what sort of investment is needed for you to find success and the investors you should be targeting.


Preparing your business to present to the outside world is crucial whether you’re targeting investors, clients or customers. Through our business consulting services we can help you market yourself and your idea to ensure your business takes off.

Business Plan Review

Whether you need help designing a business plan that covers all of the bases or you need us to review what you’ve written, we’ll help you develop the right business plan for your idea.

Deal Structuring

A lot of innovators leave themselves wide open when they step into the investment arena - at Propel, we’re here to ensure your interests are accurately represented. Drawing on a wealth of investment, startup and small business experience and with access to investors, brokers, accountants and numerous other professionals who have worked in the arena before, there is no team better than Propel to help you structure a deal for your fledgling business.

Contact Propel today to discuss our business consulting services. Let us help you prepare your business strategy to take advantage of the market and maximise your idea’s potential.