Empowering Innovation

Startup Support

Through our startup support and idea assistance services, we work to help develop a fledgling idea into a successful small business or a marketable product. Whether you’re trying to attract buyers, investors or just turn your dream into a small business, we can help at Propel.

What is an Idea?

An idea can be anything from a tangible product to an invention, a website or a new service. Your idea might be an improvement to an existing business or even just a unique business proposition - whatever it is, our startup support and idea monetisation services can help you.

Gap Analysis

Through a gap analysis, Propel can help you identify any gaps in your idea that may prevent you from successfully monetising, forming a startup, selling to an investor or finding a buyer. We will help you optimise the commercial value of your idea to take advantage of any potential opportunities.

IP Review

Not sure where your idea stands legally? An IP review with Propel can help identify your ideas intellectual property position, patents you should be wary of and we can devise a plan to protect your idea from legal issues down the road.

Risk Analysis

Understanding risk is core to the success of any venture. Propel can help you identify the risks attached to your idea and how to manage them, increasing your ideas value and making it bulletproof for presentation to investors and buyers.

Commercialisation Options

Whether you’re looking to launch a startup, wondering how to start a small business or you’re looking at selling your business proposal to a keen buyer, Propel can help you identify potential commercialisation options and develop a strategy to maximise the commercial potential of your idea.

Get in touch with us today to organise a free consultation, or learn more about how Propel can help you with your idea.