Empowering Innovation

Venture Consulting and Idea Monetisation

Whether your idea is brand new, you’re just starting out dreams with a new venture or you’re part way through monetising, Propel can help you capitalise on its commercial potential. We’ll help you add value to your idea whether you’re seeking investors, starting a small business or looking to sell to an interested buyer.

Legal Structure and Asset Protection

What legal structure suits your needs best? What are the best ways to protect your assets? We can advise you on the ideal business structure to meet your present and future needs.

Market Position Review

We can help you figure out where your idea sits on the market in relation to competitive products and services. We’ll discuss marketing ideas, your ideas unique selling points and how best to capitalise on these.

Investment Review

We’ll analyse your idea and help you figure out whether your idea is ready to present to investors. With our experience in the investor environment at Propel, there is nobody better to talk to about what you need to do to ensure your ideas are ready to present.

Contact us today to find out more about the venture consulting and idea monetisation services we offer at Propel. Let us help you find the best way to make money from your idea.