Empowering Innovation

Why Propel?

Business Strategy and Idea Commercialisation

Propel brings practical experience in idea commercialisation and business development to help monetise your ideas. Our team has many years of experience helping inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs develop their ideas until they are ready for market.

We hate to see good ideas fail. Unfortunately, the reason a lot of startups and small businesses fall short is that they don’t have the experience or the knowledge to make money from their idea. Our role is to represent, support and encourage innovators wishing to realise the full commercial potential of their ideas.

We Recognise Your Idea is the Cornerstone of the Commercialisation Process

It’s important to us that the confidentiality of your idea is respected in your agreement with us at Propel. Our goal is to add value by validating, developing and packaging your idea so it is ready for presentation to investors or buyers. We can help you bridge the gap between planning a startup and finding an investor.

Propel can help you find the right investor or buyer, select the most appropriate method of commercialisation and turn your dream into a successful startup or small business. Talk to us today and organise a free consultation!