Empowering Innovation

Startup and Business Planning Services

In a connected world, ideas are more valuable than ever.

Unlocking the commercial potential of ideas however remains challenging and results are often unpredictable and disappointing.

Propel assists innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to discover the commercial potential of their ideas in a confidential, transparent and professional way by providing business planning and startup support services.

Adding Value by Reducing Risk

Risk and uncertainty can undermine the value of new ideas. Sometimes all you need to reduce the risk of starting a small business or venture is the right business plan.

Propel can help you get your idea off the ground by providing you with the crucial business advice that you need to create a successful startup.

We’ll help you add value to your idea by identifying and addressing areas of uncertainty - the weak points that can stop investors coming onboard with your idea.

Propel can help commercialise your idea, create a startup and find the investment you need to take a great idea and turn it into a great business. With our wide network, our business advice services can help your ideas achieve their full potential.

Through our venture consulting services, Propel can help you:

  • Reduce the amount of ownership required to attract others to invest.
  • Increase investment and support levels.
  • Attract those best qualified to support your idea.

Small Business Advice

Propel offers professional advice to innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs wishing to achieve the commercialisation potential of their ideas.


With our wide network of contacts, Propel can assist in the successful commercialisation of your idea.

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