Empowering Innovation


Propel represents and assists innovators to verify, enhance and protect their idea. 

The other side of this coin is that Investors receive independent, professionally verified information that allows them to better understand the risks that accompany new ideas. 

As a result, both innovators and investors are better informed and are able to make more reliable judgments about the value and commercial potential of new ideas.

An idea that has been fully qualified by Propel will substantially reduce, if not replace, the need for a time consuming, expensive due diligence investigation.

Propositions can be assessed faster and more reliably, increasing the volume and improving the quality of investment proposals. This in turn results in improved commercial outcomes for both innovators and investors. 

Propel addresses the “investment conundrum” where Investors have too little reliable information upon which to arrive at an informed opinion of the value of a proposition. It does this by testing, improving and validating information about promising ideas in a professional way.

As a result many of the uncertainties which unavoidably attach to new ideas are minimised allowing the risk/reward calculation to be rebalanced in an informed manner. 

While the investment characteristics of investors are individual and vary from case to case and between individuals, the information resulting from a Propel review assists all investors, including those considering a non-financial investment to better match the characteristics of an investment proposal with their own.

In this way, Propel bridges the information gap between innovators and investors.